Pasta salad or prawn sauce.

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Pasta salad or prawn sauce. Empty Pasta salad or prawn sauce.

Post by Lorraine on Sun 15 Feb 2009 - 22:47

I actually mixed this into a pasta salad today and it worked well, but it's so like a prawn sauce you could use it for that. It's quite thick though. My pasta salads are always enough to serve 4 so if that was the case, it's only ½ syn per portion.

It would make a nice dip too. Nice and thick and total 2 syns.

1 good dessertspoon dollop of quark.
1 level tablespoon of Heinz Extra Light Salad Cream (1 syn)
2 level tablespoons of Hellmanns Extra Light Mayo (1 syn)
A squirt of tomato puree
A couple of drops of lemon juice
pinch of salt and pepper.

Mix well until smooth.

I'm not a complete idiot...some pieces are missing!

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