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Lorraine - A bit about me...

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Lorraine - A bit about me... Empty Lorraine - A bit about me...

Post by Lorraine Sat 30 Aug 2008 - 14:30

Ummmm, name, as you know, is Lorraine. Lorraine - A bit about me... Icon_lol I am divorced and have 2 children, Lee 32 and Nicola 26. I have one granddaughter, Mia, aged 13 months from Nicola.

I left home 1 week after my 17th birthday and joined the WRAF in communications, where I met my husband. I served for a couple of years then took discharge to marry Kevin in 1974, left him in 1988 and have been alone since. Never lived with any other man.

I worked for a Printing Company, first off as an office executive where I handled multi-national accounts such as 3M, Johnson Wax and Brooke Bond. Then I was promoted and went out on the road servicing the clients.

I was relocated to Southend and a year later was made redundant and life went downhill from thereon. To keep my mind and myself busy, I took up studying from home. I did an OU degree in Social Sciences and I have A levels in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, English, 17th Century History and Economics. It was my dream to go to a real Uni and do my degree in Philosophy, but it never happend and won't now.

I came up to Lincolnshire to live in 1998 to get myself and my daughter out of Southend. 3 years after getting here, I lost my Father one night with no warning. That was the absolute worst experience of my life. I miss him every single day. He was my rock.

I worked in care homes with the elderly with learning disabilites for some years where I actually HATED crafting. When we had to take the residents to the day centres, I did a disappearing act. Lorraine - A bit about me... Icon_lol I left Care when Dad died as I couldn't take any more death. Bided my time doing odds and sods until I finally settled on working in an Estate Agents and loved it. I gave that up nearly 4 years ago to look after my mother.

I started crafting, computing and photoshopping about 3 years ago to give myself something to do at home all the time. Now I LOVE it and it is my salvation.
That's about it, I think. Lorraine - A bit about me... Roll%20on%20floor%20laughing

I'm not a complete idiot...some pieces are missing!

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