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Claire - my mini bio

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Claire - my mini bio Empty Claire - my mini bio

Post by Guest Sat 30 Aug 2008 - 14:56

Well, I'm 38, married to Michael for very nearly 11 years (2nd September next week) ,with son James (9) and daughter Sophie (7).

Michael has a daughter (who was 18 in May) from his previous marriage, and a sort of step-daughter who is 22.

I have my Dad (78) who is married to Lesley (much younger!). He married 10 her 10 months after my Mum died from Breast cancer (she died the day after my 18th birthday - 1987). Sadly, Michael's parents are also both deceased (his Dad not long after we got together, and his Mum last September).

I have an older sister and brother (sadly my brother and I don't really speak). My sister's kids have turned 18 and 21 last April.

I worked for The Royal bank of Scotland for 11 years from leaving school until I had James. Then I stayed at home to bring up the kids. I returned to work last year, but the company went under in October. I tried and failed to get a job before Christmas.

However, in April I got a job with Nottinghamshire County Council as a Finance Admin Assistant - 26 hours a week, and flexi time to boot!!!

I am very musical, and as well as playing piano, guitar, clarinet and saxophone (to varying degrees of competance), I used to play percussion in a brass band, which is how I met Michael (who still plays now - for Newstead Welfare Band on flugelhorn). James has just started having piano lessons, and is showing real signs of promise!

I mainly make cards, and have recently started altering things (candles, clipboards, photo frames, boxes), but my style is quite neat and clean, and I'm not really into vintage or collage (there are obviously exceptions to everything though!). Open to new ideas and lvoe to see everybody's creations, whether or not they are 'my style' or completely different!

Bring it on!


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