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July/Aug LO's

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July/Aug LO's Empty July/Aug LO's

Post by thriftycrafter Tue 22 Sep 2020 - 19:19

Maria will have seen these but here's what I've been up to;
Mostly UKS challenges

One of Chloe's freinds we went to have a Harry Potter tea with - not this year
July/Aug LO's Assemb10

Mick at Center Parcs
July/Aug LO's Amazin10

Evan and great nephew
July/Aug LO's Bib_no10

An A4 LO Mick in USA many years ago, still only a few LO's in this A4 album, good challenge on UKS  for me
July/Aug LO's Dream_10

Chloe and a true friend at Gt Yarmouth
July/Aug LO's Girls_10

Mick In Gran Canaria
July/Aug LO's Hello_11

A Karen Moss kit/class, lot of sticking in this, the shaker boxes (stars) were foremd from 4 layers of die cut and 2 acetate. Gets me out of my comfort zone
July/Aug LO's I_love10

Another Karen kit/class, again more pattern than I'd use combined
July/Aug LO's Let_s_10

My brother  (Kent) and SIL at a party last year
July/Aug LO's Let_s_11

Another Karen kit- they're monthly and make 3 or 4 LO's
July/Aug LO's Lockdo12

The pic of me that appeared in the paper- no idea where it was taken- not our usual seats. OTBC stands for On the ball City- our song and the oldest known football song apparently.
July/Aug LO's Otbc_m10

A local track where we often walk.
July/Aug LO's One_of10

July/Aug LO's Sas_si10

Two of our Village people freind with a Saturday selfie
July/Aug LO's Saturd10

Our 'unlock' girls meet up
July/Aug LO's The_gi10

July/Aug LO's Ve_day10

Some pics from Lockdown walks
July/Aug LO's Woodla10

Creativity is messy and I am very creative.
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July/Aug LO's Empty Re: July/Aug LO's

Post by Scrap Monkey Wed 23 Sep 2020 - 10:54

Love how busy you've been. I thought I'd have more time for scrapping after finishing in the shop,. but haven't managed it yet. Unfortunately P and the girls discovered the true extent of my stash when they moved my craft wardrobe from Molly's room to my now 'sewing room' affraid affraid affraid

That pic of you at the football is just fabulous.

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Scrap Monkey
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July/Aug LO's Empty Re: July/Aug LO's

Post by WeirdCat Wed 23 Sep 2020 - 12:37

Love the football pic too, but my favourite is the one with the hand, struck me as funny! I can't remember the last time I scrapped, I just seem too have a massive mental block.


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July/Aug LO's Empty Re: July/Aug LO's

Post by Maria Wed 23 Sep 2020 - 16:28

yes i do too, thats my favourite but i also love today is a gift and lockdown life. They are all good. I am glad someone out there is still crafting - I have ground to a halt, not doing anything, no photos and same old same old and it all feels a bit pointless. Anyway, i enjoyed looking at yours

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July/Aug LO's Empty Re: July/Aug LO's

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