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Post by Guest on Sat 30 Aug 2008 - 22:06

OK girls - here are your posting dates. I think I have managed to avoid Bank Holiday weekends etc! Posting Dates etc Icon_mrgreen

1. 23 June 08
2. 21 July
3. 18 August

4. 15 September
5. 13 October
6. 10 November
7. 8 December
8. 5 January 09
9. 2 February
10. 2 March
11. 30 March
12. 27 April

As you can see, the first posting isn't until 23 of June, so there's plenty of time. Posting Dates etc Icon_mrgreen

Thereafter, postings will be every four weeks, which means there will be TWO posting dates in March next year.

Here is the circle, ladies!

Bobs sends to Maria
Maria sends to Lorraine
Lorraine sends to Karelyn
Karelyn sends to Helen
Helen sends to Patty
Patty sends to Steph
Steph sends to Cath
Cath sends to Kate
Kate sends to Cynthia
Cynthia sends to Sandy
Sandy sends to Sue
Sue sends to Bobs

For your information, Cynthia, Sandy and Sue all go to the same scrapbooking class, so they will be passing along the CJ's in person.


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